I find television to be very educating.  Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book.  ~ Groucho Marx

Writing Resume

Sitting on the deck of the Pelekanos bar on Santorini (in the city of Oia) enjoying the local beer, Yellow Donkey

Daniel LeBoeuf

More stuff

I've subscribed to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine for over 30 years now, both their print editions and, now, their Kindle editions.  You might say I'm a dedicated mystery/crime fiction aficionado.

Favorite authors include, in no particular order: Dick Francis, Ken Follett, Rex Stout, Carl Hiaasen, Janet Evanovich (The Stephanie Plum series is delightful), Robert B. Parker, Alice Kimberly, Mary Higgins Clark, Dave Barry, P. J. O'Rourke, Patrick F. McManus, Ayn Rand, and John LeCarre.

Other writers I've enjoyed sometimes and not others include: Stephen King (I've enjoyed his earlier works, but not his later ones), Michael Connelly, Jeffrey Archer, Elmore Leonard, Stuart Woods, Dean Koontz, and Tom Clancy.

Finally, the one author who created in me my love of reading - Edgar Allan Poe.  He captured a young boy's imagination and instilled a sense of the fantastic that has never died

This is all the exciting stuff, but doesn't include my academic papers:


  • Founder and facilitator, Central FL Writers online critique group
  • Active member of the online writers group Scribophile
  • Former President, Writers 4 All Seasons, a 501(c)3 not for profit writers organization dedicated to critiquing and improving writing in Central Florida
  • My fiction work has appeared in Pilcrow and Dagger, Near to the Knuckle,The Scarlet Leaf Review, Haypenny.com, Kittenpants.com,On The Premises, and the anthology Stories for All Seasons.
  • I've won the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Mysterious Photo contest 5 times, with 8 Honorable Mentions (for the top 10 runners up)
  • My non-fiction work has appeared in The Tampa Tribune and Pilcrow & Dagger.
  • One novella published on Kindle (under a pseudonym), with its sequel looking for a traditional publisher
  • Professional editor of novels, short stories, academic papers, and essays
  • Past Editor, (a political) Party of Florida monthly newsletter
  • Past Editor/Webmaster, (a political) Party of Polk County website
  • Past grader/reviewer for SAT essays for Kaplan Test Prep
  • Blogger both personal and for Pilcrow and Dagger